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Point Grey Redevelopment

August 2020 Update

There is very little to report since last month. We know that one objection has been lodged with VCAT in respect to the proposed issue of the Point Grey Planning Permit by the SCS. At this stage we have no details and expect GORCC, as the applicant, will get details in the next week when the statutory time frames elapse. We have had one planning meeting with GORCC and have set an agenda as to how best to work together. Once the details of the Objection are known, GORCC and us will be in a better position to establish timelines and a project management plan.
Each month as things progress, we will provide updates and how we will transition to working with the new authority (GORCPA) that replaces GORCC in December this year.

July 2020 Update

On Tuesday 23rd June 2020 the Councillors at the Surf Coast Shire unanimously voted to grant a notice of decision to grant a permit for the Point Grey precinct redevelopment. This is for the whole site including our Club building. There were 48 conditions attached to the permit of which some will impact on the operation of our Club. We will work with GORCC (who was the applicant) to ensure these conditions can be satisfied.
It’s been a long process to reach this point. As a committee we support the final plans for our building. Our building will be larger incorporating a community area as well as facilities making it more compliant with today’s regulations. It will still have the best views along the Great Ocean Road.
A quick summary of the process has been:

  • Over a decade ago “Save our Club” a Lorne community campaign was successful to ensure the LAAC would remain standalone from the rest of the Point Grey redevelopment and be located in a similar position to where it is today. (The original plans were that the Club would have been integrated into the one main new building)
  • Through much consultation over the last two years our club has achieved significant changes to the plans initially submitted by the Architect. It was always going to be challenging having to work within the triangular layout of the building but the changes included: – outcomes that improve the views from within the building by moving the toilet facilities from the front of the building to the rear, eliminating screens that were blocking sea and pier views, removing the roof over the barbecue area and beer garden and reconfiguring the internal layout’s so it would be operationally more efficient.
  • We did not achieve all the outcomes we wanted but rest assured the Committee had made detailed submissions to the Hearings of Council.

These changes were an outcome of many hours of hard tireless work from the LAAC building subcommittee and in particular by Ric Addison.
With this decision behind us we want to work closely with GORCC to finalise plans, negotiate a final lease and the funding arrangements where we have agreed to contribute up to $450,000 (subject to certain conditions) on top of the $900,000 that was allocated through the Geelong City deal specifically to the build of our club. We will also be working on a strategy as how we can continue to operate as a club and have access to the boat ramp during construction while closed.
In getting to this point, we thank Deputy Mayor Councillor Clive Goldsworthy for proposing at the Council meeting amendments to several conditions that will ensure our club will be able to continue as a well patronised community hub and also to Senator Sarah Henderson for ensuring $900,000 of the $8 million in the Geelong City deal was earmarked for the LAAC building. Each month as things progress, we will provide updates and how we will transition to working with the new authority (GORCPA) that replaces GORCC in December this year.

Federal Senator Sarah Henderson with Commodore Keith Miller. The Federal Government have provided a $900K grant.