Commodore’s Notes


On the evening of Saturday the 27th of November a sensational announcement was made at our club house by Sarah Henderson our local federal MP for the seat of Corangamite.

Sarah secured a contribution of $900,000 to go to us, the Lorne Aquatic and Angling Club. It is part of an $8 million contribution going towards the Point Grey Redevelopment and the 900k is set aside for the LAAC.

It was a surprise announcement and with only half a day’s notice, the bush telegraph helped along with a bit of social media, the word got out and the old club house was packed to the rafters to hear Sarah’s announcement.

It has been an 11 year journey by the clubs committee, members and the Lorne community to secure the standalone building in the same location within the Point Grey masterplan.

Unfortunately, I was in an A380 somewhere over the Indian Ocean when the announcement was made which was extremely disappointing and I would have loved to have been there but we had in attendance; Surf Coast Shire Deputy Mayor Clive Goldsworthy. GORCC Chairman Ken Northwood and GORCC CEO Vanessa Schernickau.

Our Vice Commodore the honourable Doug Williams extended Sarah a vote of appreciation for working so hard for us to secure this wonderful outcome.

‘’Now that the LAAC has funding it can really secure the future of this 58 year old club for another 58 years ‘’ he said.

The building is expected to cost around $1.4 million and the LAAC will make a substantial contribution towards the building costs. Mr Williams said that Sarah’s attendance and announcement tonight gave Lorne residents confidence about the future of the LAAC in providing a financially viable community meeting place and ensures continuity of fishing as a recreational activity, so much a part of Lorne’s heritage.

Sarah acknowledged various committee members in the room particularly ex Commodore Tony Peddie who started the ball rolling with this venture almost 11 years ago. Also, Graeme Norton who also put a lot of time and effort into the early Planning of the building.

Myself, our general committee and our finance and building sub committees have been working hard to shape and fund the new building and with this now guaranteed finance we look forward to achieving a design of our club house that all members and the Lorne community will be proud of.

On the Monday after the announcement Sarah Henderson invited me to meet our PM Scott Morrison in Geelong so I could personally thank him for agreeing to Sarah’s request to allocate this wonderful contribution to us.

Councillor Clive Goldsworthy, Sarah Henderson, Ex Commodores Tony Peddie and Graeme Norton


Vice Commodore Doug Williams, Councillor Clive Goldsworthy and Sarah Henderson
Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Commodore Keith Miller

Summer is almost here with some lovely warm sunny days, the thermometer has been nudging 30 a couple of times already.

We are still open 6 days a week closing on Tuesday’s until after the AGM which is on December 1 at 5.30pm. We will then be open 7 days a week until Easter 2019.

By now you will have your membership renewal emailed out to you, this year our membership cards are numbered so we will be having surprise draws and if your number comes out you will win the kitty which will be increasing weekly. You must be in attendance and in possession of your card to win.

Don’t forget the dates of all our fishing competitions are on the back of the card.

When you drop in to pick up your new card join us for a cold one and have a yarn with our friendly locals.

Congratulations to Barry and Glenice Hayward who have just taken delivery of a brand new fishing boat. Barry has been on our committee for many years and he and Glenice are very keen anglers and hardly ever miss one of our comps.

Barry and Glenice at their new boats maiden voyage

Remember our facilities are available for Weddings, Parties, Anything but you must book well ahead.

Recently in conjunction with the Lorne P12 College we hosted 10 indigenous kids from near Alice Springs along with some of the locals on a fishing expedition out on our iconic Lorne Pier.

Myself, Vice Commodore Doug Williams and Committeeman Ric Addison showed them how to set up their fishing rigs, bait the hooks and the other skills of Angling.

Doug Williams, Ric Addison and myself with the Mob as they called themselves.


Our AGM at 5.30pm Saturday December 1 followed by our fishing competition trophy presentations, then an open bar for one hour and free sausage sizzle.

Golden Garlic Competition


5pm Friday December 21 we will be the judging of our world famous garlic competition. This year we are having Juniors, Ladies and Gentlemen sections. All the bulbs must have roots and stalks attached which the judges will be removing before measuring and weighing. Generous prizes will be awarded to the winners. We will also be supplying a free sausage sizzle. Come along and join in the fun.

Pink Algae Sighting

Recently we were out fishing in my boat off Fairhaven and the sea was unusually blue and clear, it was 16 degrees which is warmer than the green water that is normally here at this time of year. Something caught my eye on the horizon, so we went over to investigate. We came across hundreds of hectares of pink plankton/ algae as you can see in the photos. I’ve seen a similar thing in the tropics many times but never here in Lorne. Apparently, it occurred about 5 years ago but I must have been away because I didn’t see it.

At night it was luminous when disturbed by the waves.

I’ve done a bit of investigating but getting conflicting opinions on what it is. I’ve contacted a marine biologist from the Museum of Victoria who I’ve spoken to several times in the past and I’m waiting on a reply.

I’ll have an answer in my next newsletter.


We have the best value for money bait on the Great Ocean Road.

We stock:  Pippies, Baby Cuttlefish, Squid, Prawns, Berley Logs, Pilchards, White Bait, Salted Pilchards.

Just drop in during opening hours.

Cody Hutchinson with a nice 5kg snapper



The snapper have become very scarce with only a few small pinkies being caught.

Gummy Sharks are still on the go and the flathead have returned in good numbers with some good size ones being landed.

Yakkas or Yellow Tail Scad are everywhere and can be a nuisance some days but are sensational bait especially for gummies. I had never caught Yakkas off Lorne until a couple of years ago over the summer months but this year they haven’t left and we even kept catching them over the winter when the water was down to 12 degrees.

I was told many years ago to keep a diary of my fishing results by recording; moon phases, tides, water temperature, barometer readings etc and I would work out a pattern. Well I did this for a long time and I’ve decided that the pattern is that there is no pattern.

Very big King George Whiting are about but not in large numbers yet. The pier has been a bit quiet with the odd snapper and salmon being caught.


Keith Miller, Commodore